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Baba Yao urges drug addicts to buy wives TV sets

By THOMAS MATIKO November 3rd, 2018 1 min read

Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu, popularly referred to as Baba Yao, has urged alcohol addicts in his county to buy their wives TV sets.

Speaking at the launch of his ‘Kaa Sober’ initiative aimed at rehabilitating alcoholics and drug addicts, Baba Yao advised youth under the programme to invest in good TV sets so as to please their women.

He argued that with good TV sets in their homes, their wives will always be in good moods which will help minimize cases of domestic quarrels.

“Let me advise you because you might be not be knowledgeable. If you buy a TV and take it to your wife, that day she will bite her finger and say that tonight you will know you have done a great job.

“You must learn how to sweet talk your women not just going to your homes to stamp authority,” Baba Yao said.

He added: “Naturally Kikuyu men love women and kids than anything else, followed by TV and a sofa set so that as he relaxes watching TV, playing with kids he can look on the other side and see his woman.”

Drug addicts enrolled in the ‘Kaa Sober‘ programme earn a Sh400 per day to do manual jobs like clearing roadsides.