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Babu offers Sonko a ‘smelly’ advice on matatu CBD ban

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino has left the online community in stitches with his hilarious advice to Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko on the failed ban of matatus from the city centre.

Just like hundreds of others who went to social media to vent their frustrations, Babu gave counsel to the governor with not very polite words.

According to the MP, Sonko’s decision was a poor one that would not fix anything but rather make the problem bigger.

“Banning matatus from the CBD is like trying to treat diarrhea by blocking the anus, Italipuka,” wrote Babu Owino.

Although he managed to give netizens a good laugh, there were those who were keen enough to spot how he misspelled the word diarrhoea.

This is what his fans had to say.

“If Babu Owino, With your 3Degrees, 2 PHDs and 7 Diplomas, Can’t spell “Diarrhoea”,,What do you expect from your Governor on decongesting the City?” asked Ruks Sheriff.

“Imagine business people with cash, walking from ngara to cbd, is a suicidal mission,” said Peter Tosh.

“Am still looking for a place to faint…. T…he he he,” wrote Jackie Valentino.

“Lol the CBD can now be accessed easily by the rich only. It’s a time bomb anyway,” commented Katebes Sadam Kibet.

“Babu you have made my day,” stated Debby Kendi.

“Hapo umenena Babu,” said Benjamin Karl Ondari.