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Babu Owino in a spot over ‘Raila win by bullet’ post

By Amina Wako January 17th, 2020 2 min read

Embakasi East MP was on Thursday night in a spot over a post on his social media pages. Babu had posted that ODM leader Raila Odinga will be president come 2022 “by ballot or bullet”.

“This time Raila will be the President by ballot or bullet,” Babu said.

Netizens faulted him with some calling for his arrest, saying his post was inciting and could pass as hate speech.

Here’s what netizens had to say:

@Benniekocyley posted, “ @DCI_Kenya we would like to hand over to you a client by the name Paul ongili alias Babu owino, over the Above remarks kindly act,, thank.”

@jkoskey2015 commented, “Because of the handshake, the reckless Babu will NOT be arrested but if the same statement was made by Moses Kuria, Moses Mudavadi, Bony Khalwale, or even Alice Wahome, they would be in by now. What a difficult time to live in Kenya??”


“My heart bleeds to read some posts from our leaders!! It’s so unfortunate,” tweeted @_josimu.

“We won’t allow such nonsense again. So many youths have lost their lives but he keeps on Saying his votes were stolen. This round ache pia wengine wakule teargas,” posted @Macklinns.

@MurigiKamaa commented, “And then someone will ask why Raila has never been president. The answer is in this tweet. Jakom is a great leader but this kind of sentiments ultimately are a hindrance to his leading Kenya. ViVa”.

Bratamii Billy Ma-kokaka said, ” I personally doesn’t like (sic) such utterances, people like you are the reasons Agwambo has been denied leadership of this country on numerous occasions.”

Ruth Ray commented, “Do not mislead the youths…it’s okay to side with someone but not okay to encourage violence.”

“This is the problem with voting for the party! I had my reservations when voting for him at Doonholm Primary school but unfortunately, he is yet to outgrow his University activist days. With people like him around, the bridges might take much longer to be completed,” said Dan Kwach.