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Babu Owino leads calls for Jowie to be released on bail

Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino now wants journalist Jacque Maribe’s former fiancé Joseph Irungu alias Jowie released from Kamiti Maximum Security Prison on bail.

Owino argues that Jowie should only be imprisoned if he is proven guilty of the murder charge he is facing over the death of Monica Kimani.

In his argument, the legislator accused the judiciary of being unfair for denying Jowie bail while many other suspects who are facing similar charges are walking scot-free.

Owino noted that Migori governor Okoth Obado, who is being tried for the murder of university student Sharon Otieno, is out on bail as well as Sarah Wairimu, who is accused of murdering her husband Tob Cohen.

The MP accuses the courts of not exercising equity in handling all cases:

1. When Governor Obado was alleged to have murdered he was given a cash bail/bond term.
2. When Sarah Wairimu was alleged to have murdered Cohen She was released on Cash bail/bond.
3. JOWI should be given cash bail/bond term by the judiciary and when found guilty be jailed.
4. Marxism’s of law is that Equity is equality
5.He who comes to Equity must come with clean hands.
6. Is it coz JOWI is poor that’s why he is being frustrated by the Rich judiciary?
7. #ReleaseJowionBail
8.Youth for a youth,” wrote Owino.

A section of Kenyans on social media also backed the position taken by Owino on Jowie’s detention.

Here are the sentiment of Kenyans online

High court judge, Justice James Wakiaga, denied Jowie bail ruling that he would remain in custody pending trial, arguing that, among other things, the suspect had no assets in the country hence posed a flight risk.

Maribe, on the other hand, was released on a Sh1 million cash bail with an option of a Sh.2 million bond, with a surety of a similar amount.