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Babu Owino now clears air on ‘deceased’ Matiang’i remark

By NAIRA HABIB February 12th, 2018 2 min read

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino latest run-in with the Jubilee administration has seen him engage in a hide and seek game with the police.

The legislator locked himself in parliament on Friday to avoid being arrested, after he was informed that police were looking for him.

According to media reports, Babu had made a remark at a Nasa rally in Baba Dogo on the February 4, referring to Interior Secretary Fred Matiang’i as ‘Marehemu Matiang’’’.

But in his latest Facebook post, Babu has clarified that the Matinag’’ he was referring to was not the CS but an old friend of his.

He further explained that the friend acquired the name ‘Marehemu’ after he died and resurrected after a day.

“I was not referring to Fred Matiang’i of jubilee when I said ‘marehemu Matiang’i’. I was talking about a friend of mine called Josephat Matiang’i from Etago, South Mugirango whose nickname is marehemu after he died and resurrected after a day,” posted Babu Owino.

The clarification has been received with mixed reaction from Kenyans online. This is what they had to say.

“The face you put when you know Matiangi is on your neck,” said Dyghlas Orokwo Yego.

“Babu why are you becoming a letdown? We never retract what we say no matter the situation. Even if you referred to Fred Matiangi that’s non-issue. You should apologize to us, while facing got ramogi carrying a black hen and chanting Adonija’s name thrice.
Okwadwa tugo,” wrote Afwata O Joab.

“You thought it was a joke, after miguna deportation now you start having a thin sweat. My friend you will be deported to Madagascar in a shopping center called Ambatomanoina,” commented Karue Benson Karue.

“vitu vichenjaga my guy….learn when to change tack.i told you a while back.Dont fall for the false hope set by this wazee politicians…you will be left holding the ‘baby’….change tact mhesh. They will use you now, tomorrow they won’t be there…you will be here,” said Stephen Wanjohi.

“Babu Kindly withdraw what you said up there. Stop killing my joy. We all know it’s Ibu you were referring to but If you say so, you are always Right. Rip Babu’s friend Matiang’I,” said Sally Verrah.

“Dear brother Hon Babu Owino. I don’t think the path we are in is the right one. You are one of youthful mps in our parliament. I think you should be in fore front in changing these backward politics to the better. Please try to win confidence far beyond ethnicity. I know you can mhesh. You will not be an MP forever.You are even capable of going for the top job bring us together,” wrote Peter Mugima