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Babu Owino praised for ‘transparent’ bursary excersise

Embakasi East lawmaker Paul Ongili Owino aka Babu Owino has been showered with praises following his approach on bursary distribution.

The vocal Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party allied politician, has opted to issue the government sponsorship kitty for schools publicly.

The funds are disbursed by the national government through constituencies, for needy pupils and students to quench their education thirst

The Embakasi East exercise entered its second day on Friday, April 14, 2023, with the lawmaker streaming live the issuance of the bursary through his social media sites.

From the live proceedings which ended some minutes to noon, constituents turned up in large numbers.

“Day 2 of Bursary Distribution in Embakasi East Republic,” Mr Owino captioned the Facebook Live happening.

With the chilly, cold and rains experienced in most parts of Nairobi the lawmaker endured the bad weather.

The exercise was conducted at a ground near Jesus Fellowship Church International, HeadQuarter, Kwa Ndege, Embakasi.

He seemingly did not have any criterion and was distributed randomly. From the look, women were the biggest beneficiaries.

Some of the women who had school going children had other kids on their back.

The legislator issued the forms himself, unlike other Members of Parliament who delegate the exercise to their office assistants and handlers.

“A true leader is one who minds about education and not those who only know how to brag, while doing nothing to their constituents.

“Hon Babu Owino you are the true leader, big up to you and may the Lord our God keep you safe and stronger always,” Nyalendah Nyalendadoh hailed the lawmaker.

“Keep up the good work, let other leaders emulate your work. You are not like the ones who are led by their personal interests,” Korir Collins commended Babu Owino’s job.

“Year 2027 you will be the governor of Nairobi, in 2032 you will be the youngest person to win the presidency. The future is luminous,” Kennedy Ouma praised him. ​

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