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Babu Owino shares wisdom on nurturing strong marriages

In a recent podcast session with Cultured Times on TikTok, Embakasi East Member of Parliament (MP) Babu Owino shared valuable insights on fostering successful and enduring marriages.

The MP pointed out the significance of recognising and appreciating partners who stand by each other during challenging times.

During the podcast, Babu Owino humorously remarked on the perception of men’s value being linked to the depth of their pockets.

However, he highlighted the need for married couples to acknowledge and value their partners for their support and resilience, especially in the face of difficulties.

“Good women come from God… a beautiful woman comes from God, a handsome man comes from the bank, but the moment we will appreciate the importance of a partner is when there are challenges,” he stated.

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When asked about the qualities to consider when choosing a life partner, the lawmaker listed factors such as compatibility, effective communication, and the ability to navigate challenges without dwelling on trivial matters.

Babu Owino encouraged married couples to unite and work together, emphasising the exclusion of external influences and the inclusion of their shared beliefs.

“Remember marriage is a union between two persons to the exclusion of all others, you only invite God in it,” he added.

In his advice to men, Babu Owino urged them to set the pace in their relationships, creating a positive atmosphere that influences the course of the relationship.

He also emphasised the importance of valuing women who bear children, noting that such a decision signifies a deep interest in the relationship.

“Somebody amekubali amekupatia watoto, huyo ni somebody who wants to spend time with you and spend their life with you. So hii maneno ya kuleta story nyingi ni story ya jaba. The moment you have a proper wife, you set a pace,” he added.

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In a past interview with Nairobi News, the MP shared personal anecdotes about his own marriage, revealing that his wife, Faith Muthoni Ongili, played a significant role in helping him overcome alcohol addiction through her prayers. Babu Owino described his wife as a loving, beautiful, religious, and saved woman.

The father of two also revealed that his wife Faith Muthoni Ongili really prayed for him to stop drinking alcohol.

“Long ago, when I used to drink, my wife would pray for me. Mimi niko kwa bar yeye ananiombea. But God answered her prayer and I stopped taking alcohol,” he added.

Babu also notes that he is equally a prayerful person and starts his day by praying with his wife.

“I first thing I do is pray, in my religion, the bible says, seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you. I put God first because when you kneel before God you can stand before any man.”

The second-term legislator, in an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, shared that he is grateful for the gift of his wife, saying, “I am a very lucky man because I got a good woman, who is loving, beautiful at heart, beautiful physically, very religious, saved woman,” Babu said.

Dispelling nuggets of what couples should do for their relationship to thrive, the lawmaker insisted that couples should treat each other the same way they first met and fell in love.

He advised them to go to the movies, travel together, and have a meal somewhere out of the house.

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According to Babu, the treatment does not have to be expensive as the most important thing is the time the two love birds spend together.

“We date like the first day we started dating. Treat your person the same way you treated them while dating. It doesn’t need to be expensive,” he adds, urging couples to also talk about their family goals and vision.

“Discuss issues affecting your relationship; short-term term, medium-term, and long-term goals should also be part of your conversation,” he said.