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Babu Owino the math teacher deletes tweet after getting 0.01% wrong

“Mathematics is the easiest subject on earth,” said the Embakasi East Member of Parliament in his opening remarks while apologising to students who didn’t have internet and smartphones to access his lesson during the outbreak of the pandemic.

On Tuesday, those words came to haunt him after he was forced to delete a math tweet that he had shared with his followers.

After deleting his erroneous tweet, he then blamed his admin for it saying the person was fired.

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IEBC vice chair Juliana Cherera, had the country trying to work on percentages on Tuesday.

Together with three other commissioners; Francis Wanderi, Irene Masit and Justus Nyang’aya, Cherera claimed that Monday’s final presidential results that made William Ruto the president-elect were a Mathematical absurdity.

She had hoped to help Kenyans figure out a problem with the declared presidential results.

Everyone was with her up to this point and then “Mazematics” entered the chat by mistake.

“The 0.01% translates to approximately 142,000 votes which will make a significant difference in the final result.”

Instead, she became a figure of embarrassment as the figures she mentioned did not add up.

Almost immediately, Kenyans pointed out the mistake.

From the total used to announce the results, hawk-eyed Kenyans discovered that the 0.01 per cent she mentioned translated to a hundredth of what she had quoted; that she should have mentioned 1,420 votes rather than 142,000.

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Among them was Mr Owino who has in the past sensationally asked Education CS George Magoha to present national exams to him for verification.

He claimed he was well versed in the education system and was in a position to tell which questions deserve to be tested.

“As the secretary-general for young parliamentarians, the education CS George Magoha must submit the papers to me in advance so that I can verify if they have tested what has not been taught,” he said then.

He had bragged about his academic qualifications while making the demand to Prof Magoha.

“I have gone through school and passed highly, I went to university and studied actuarial science and law, I have two master’s degrees in both law and actuarial science, I scored 403 marks in KCPE, so I am overqualified in verifying exams and, in fact, I can even set them,” he said.

Owino took his KCSE exam at Kisumu Boys and scored an A-minus with 79 points before doing actuarial science at the University of Nairobi and graduating with a first-class honours degree in 2012.

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