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Babu Owino tops Kenya Google searches in a week of arrests

Embakasi East MP Paul Ongili, known as Babu Owino, topped the list of Google searches in the country in the week ended Sunday.

The politician had earlier in the week been arrested and re-arrested on accounts of subversion, thereby sparking protests by University of Nairobi students.

The word ‘subversion’ was sixth among the top trending searches.

Football came in second, with EPL matches of Arsenal Vs West Brom and Chelsea Vs Man City becoming the most searched games of the week.

The week also saw Kenyans take to Google to find out the meaning of the word “Tibim” which was the fourth trending item.


Popularised by Mr Owino, a former chairman of Students Organisation of Nairobi University (Sonu), the word “Tibim” has received a lot of traction and could possibly be one of the most used phrases during this electioneering period.

Mr Owino has previously claimed that the word holds a revolutionary meaning in a foreign language.

Fifth on the Google search list was the death of Hugh Hefner — an American businessman who created the Playboy magazine before spanning it into a media and entertainment-industry giant.

He passed on Wednesday at 91, and is remembered for fighting free-speech battles in courts, defying segregation, while living a life of seemingly breezy bachelorhood as publicly as possible.

Google celebrated its 19th birthday last week. In honour of the anniversary, Google allowed users to play with 19 of its best games and interactive Google Doodles all linked to the surprise spinner.

The Google birthday surprise spinner became the 3rd most searched item online in the past one week.