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Baby Brian succumbs to injuries a year after fatal accident with mum – PHOTOS

A year ago, a mother and her son were run over by a speeding motorist as they crossed Thika Superhighway near Zetech University in Ruiru.

The son, Brian Wanyoike, survived and was rushed to Kenyatta National Hospital, but his mother died on the spot.

Last week, baby Brian died at a Nairobi hospital from injuries suffered in the accident.

After the death of his mother, he was taken in by his 63 year-old grandmother Mary Wambui in Ruiru. But in September last year, he started having convulsions, respiratory and eating problems.

In November 2016, the family, through well-wisher Ndungu Nyoro, appealed for help from well-wishers.  The initiative raised more than Sh4 million to foot his medical bill.


“Of the initial amount Sh300,000 is still available,” Mr Nyoro told Nairobi News on Tuesday.

After his discharge in early December, baby Brian was tranferred to Lari Nursing Home, in Kiambu county. But instead of improving, he got worse. He stopped blinking, couldn’t cry, had stiff limbs and developed ulcer of the cornea. His nasogastric tube stopped working as well.

On Christmas Day, he again developed complications and was rushed to the private hospital in Nairobi. He underwent  five operations by February 21, 2017.

After the fifth operation, baby Brian succumbed in the ward on February 22, 2017.

Mr Nyoro claimed that the hospital was double-charging them on doctors’ visits and ICU bed.

He wrote to the hospital’s chief executive requesting for waiver of outstanding bills,  but instead the hospital only waived Sh257,000 and billed them Sh2.84 million.


“I thought we could reach an agreement with the hospital and dispose off the pending charges. I was wrong. I was taken round in circles from one office to another with no tangible outcome. Frustration was digging in as our baby slept quietly in the morgue,” Mr Nyoro added.

On Monday, the hospital finally budged and deducted Sh843, 000 from the bill. A new bill of Sh2 million was issued to the family.

Baby Brian Gitau at his hospital bed. PHOTO | COURTESY
Baby Brian Gitau at his hospital bed. PHOTO | COURTESY

On Friday morning, Mr Nyoro camped on Facebook to appeal for public support.  In three days, they managed to raise Sh3.6 million towards #ChampBrian hospital and funeral expenses.

“I wish to send my heartfelt appreciation to all who sent in their contributions towards this cause. To each one of you who said a prayer for us, Ahsante sana.”

“We appreciate that Cucu Brian has given undivided attention to our son for one year since he was involved in accident. She stopped working and focused on baby’s health,” he added.

Baby Brian will be laid to rest on Friday in Juja.