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Baby daddy drama stalks Willy Paul

By Naira Habib February 5th, 2021 1 min read

Willy Paul appears not to be able to keep himself away from scandal.

On this occasion, a woman has come out on social media to claim the controversial singer is the father of her unborn child.

The woman claims the artist had initially accepted to take care of the child but trouble started when she refused to heed his call for her to come over to his place.

She further claims the artist was keen to continue with the romantic engagement while she wasn’t.

The woman who uses the initials @deebaby490 on Tik tok says that the ‘Liar’ singer has now blocked her and she does not have any access to him.

“So I want you guys to help me get this thing to go viral please I know it is not right to @Willypaul he won’t feel well though I have to do it. So I have been pregnant for Willy Paul since December and he promised he will take responsibility for the baby. And I agreed with it to keep a secret,” said @deebaby490.

“But since he started ignoring me is the day he asked for sex the second time and I refused. So he told nisiwai mtafuta na nifanye kenye nataka hadi (I should not look for him and I can do what I feel like) he blocked me. I even have (his) recording zake,” she went on.

Willy Paul is yet to make comment on the matter.