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Baby mama accuses Moi’s grandson of ‘faking’ poverty

By Joseph Openda September 28th, 2021 2 min read

A woman has accused former president Daniel Moi’s grandson of lying about his financial status in a bid to escape responsibility as the father of his two children.

These fresh accusations come amid a drawn-out legal tussle pitting Gladys Jeruto who’s petitioned the court to compel Collins Kibet Moi to provide for the couple’s two children.

Collins Kibet has told the court he is a ‘broke’ man but Jeruto maintains his baby daddy is a man of means who leads a lavish lifestyle. Kibet is the son of Jonathan Moi, now deceased.

Kibet was confirmed to be the father to Jeruto’s two children aged 11 and nine via a DNA test conducted recently.

But he’s since told the court he’s jobless and not in a position to provide for the children’s basic needs, offering to only cater for the children’s medical needs by enrolling them under the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) cover.

Jeruto, while responding to these claims, dismissed the assertions and told the court the father of his kids is a trained pilot who has the resources to support his children.

The court heard that Kibet, whose grandfather died in 2020, drives an expensive motor vehicle model V8 Prado which he is able to maintain without problems.

Jeruto further claims the father of his kids earns huge dividends from his late grandfather’s father’s expansive estate.

“It is not true the respondent has no source of income since he earns from his late father’s estate. He is also a trained pilot who drives a posh V8 vehicle which he is able to afford due to its high cost of maintenance,” said Jeruto.

The woman further opposed the proposal by Kibet to transfer the children to public school, arguing the decision is not in their best interest and was far below their standards.

Jeruto moved to court in March accusing Moi of neglecting his children.

She claimed to have lived with him for four years before separating in 2012.

In the suit filed through lawyer David Mongeri, Jeruto wants Moi compelled to pay Sh 1 million monthly for the children’s basic needs, school fees, and other maintenance

Nakuru Senior principal magistrate Benjamin Limo directed that the matter proceeds to a full hearing before it is determined.

The matter will be mentioned on October 13.