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Baby mama praises Bahati on child’s birthday

Kenya’s entertainment scene is loaded with consistent baby mama and daddy dramas with singer Kevin Mbuvi Kioko alias Bahati, one of the few exceptions.

Recently, Bahati’s baby mama Yvette Obura showered the singer with praises, describing him as a gentleman who’s always supported the couple’s five-year-old baby.

“Your dad loves you so much, he has your best interests at heart may you keep praying for him,” Obura explained in a video she posted on social media.

Not done, Yvette who released the video in celebration of her daughter’s first birthday, also showered Bahati’s current wife Diana with praise, an unusual scene in the dating industry.

“As for auntie D (Diana), she loves you so much, may you respect her. Love your siblings, show them respect,” Obura added.

Bahati and Obura parted ways some time back and she has always been keen to explain to everyone who cares that the split was mutual.

“Diana did not steal Bahati from me, worse off when I was pregnant, no. After I delivered Mueni we went our separate ways. I know there is a narrative going on social media, people questioning how come Diana and Bahati are celebrating their five-year anniversary, yet Mueni is five. Let me just say it happened that way, doesn’t mean he was snatched from me when I was still pregnant,” she said.

Bahati has since moved on, marrying Diana Marua while Yvette has endured an on and off love life since.