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Baby Sagini’s assailant arrested in Nairobi

By Hilary Kimuyu December 20th, 2022 2 min read

Police are currently holding three suspects in connection to the gruesome assault of a three-year-old boy whose eyes were gouged out.

Among them is the mother to the prime suspect in Baby Sagini’s assault, who was arrested Monday evening in Nairobi.

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Her arrest came hours after the court authorized the continued detention of her son, who was arrested on Sunday and presented to the court on Monday.

Pacifica Nyakerario was arrested by detectives who are seeking more information about those behind a conspiracy that saw Sagini’s eyes gouged out in a cruel assault that has shocked the country.

According to the police, the 3-year-old boy is said to have been snatched away from playmates outside his grandmother’s home before his assailants gouged out his eyes and abandoned him in a maize plantation at Ikuruma village in Marani Sub-county.

The main suspect Alex Maina Ochogo, 28, who is a cousin to Junior Sagini was remanded at Rioma Police Station for five days to allow police finalise their investigations.

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He was held after emerging that he escorted his mother to board a bus to Nairobi immediately the heinous act was meted out on the boy, according to the prosecutor of the case Hillary Kaino.

The third suspect is the mother, Maureen Nyaboke, who was arrested and will be charged with child neglect.

She was not at home when her child was attacked, as she had separated from her husband due to domestic squabbles.

Police also on Monday interrogated the father.

Mr Thomas Ongaga is said to be helping them with investigations as they try to unravel the people and motive behind the attack.

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Baby Sagini, in an early interview, said a man with a rope and a torch took him from their home compound, where he was playing with other kids.

Police said Ochogo and his mother Pacifica are suspected of having gouged out Sagini’s eyes to be used for a ritual for Ochogo’s father.

It is alleged that the two conspired in December 2021 and killed Ochogo’s father.

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