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Bachelor MP finally bows to mother’s pressure, proposes to city lawyer

By RUTH MBULA August 28th, 2016 2 min read

Emurua Dikirr MP Johanna Ng’eno is now ready to quit the bachelors’ club, granting his mother her long standing wish.

The Nation has learnt that Mr Ng’eno’s marriage proposal to a city-based lawyer, whom he prefers not to name at the moment, has been accepted.

When prodded to reveal her identity, the legislator politely declined, only hinting that she was from a “well known family in Narok County.”

“It is true that I am engaged to a girl whom I am set to marry soon,” he said.


Mr Ng’eno’s status has been a source of constant ridicule – especially from his political opponents – who have wondered why he is still a bachelor at 44.

Narok Governor Samuel ole Tunai, one of his critics, told the politician to his face in February to “first find a wife before criticising the national and county governments.”

His status was also a source of concern to Ms Mary Temas, his mother, who is in her 80s.

This was evident when the Nation recently visited their family’s home in Mogondo, Emurua Dikirr, Narok County.

“I want my son to marry so that he can give me the pleasure of grandchildren,” she said.


“My son, please marry, I want grandchildren. Or do you want to give me grandchildren when I am too old and can see no more?” she said, adding that it was her wish for the home to be filled with “happy, noisy and active grandchildren.”

The message seems to have hit home with the MP later on saying: “It is the constant pressure I receive from my mother that will make me marry before the next general election. I have been a bachelor for too long but I found myself a wife.

“She keeps asking me what is wrong, but I simply tell her to be patient.

“At times she makes fun of me, asking why, as MP, I only help other people’s children and not mine,” says the MP.

The MP has now made up his mind to settle down.

In a telephone interview with the Nation, Mr Ng’eno said he was upbeat about the issue and was looking forward to spending the rest of his life with the love of his life.

“I am eagerly waiting for the day I will officially tie the knot,” he said, disclosing he is already engaged to his fiancée.