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Bad breath keeps me from relationships

Dear Michael,
I have never kissed or been kissed. I am afraid of getting into such a situation because I suffer from severe halitosis.

This has held me back from relationships as I fear rejection. How do I overcome this? Suzan

Dear Suzan,

Bad breath or halitosis can severely impede social interaction.

The good news is that it can be managed. See a dentist to rule out any medical conditions causing the bad breath.

You will probably be more confident and less fearful of relationships as you realise the reason behind your halitosis and begin doing something to contain it.

Be encouraged. Everyone suffers bad breath to some degree. It is worse in some for various reasons. 

Bacteria can accumulate in our mouths, particularly during certain times of the day, leading to the bad breath. 

The trick is not to give the bacteria an opportunity to thrive. 

Food types

The other reason has to do with what we put into our mouths. Certain types of foods, smoke and alcohol encourage bad breath.

Try some of these steps to confirm that your bad breath is not due to a medical condition. 

Make sure you brush your teeth after every meal. In case you can’t, rinse your mouth with clean water and chew sugarless gum . 

The aim is to remove the food particles so that the bacteria do not get a chance to feed and thrive. 

While doing the cleaning, don’t forget the roof of the mouth, gums and the tongue. These are the areas favoured by bacteria.

You should also use mouthwash consistently. 

And don’t forget to floss. Drink water regularly, and suck sugarless mints to encourage the production of saliva, which I understand reduces bad breath.

Finally, avoid food and drinks that cause bad breath. They include onions, garlic and alcohol. 

It is also good to know that a diet of fat and proteins is more likely to cause bad breath than fruits and vegetables.

Observe better oral hygiene. Cut down on alcohol and smoking. Worry not when you think your breath might be worse than usual.

I suppose now you know what to and what not to order on a date when you are looking forward to a possible first kiss!

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