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Bad news for open-air preachers as Sonko hikes fees – VIDEO

City preachers have raised concerns following a hike in the fees charged by the county government to allow them to operate in public spaces.

Evangelist Annia Kameta, who preaches at Uhuru Park, said they are charged by the hour by City Hall.

it is not for free for with every hour she preaches the county government earns money from her and others like her.

“Nilianza na Sh750 nimekumbuka ikaja one thousand, ikaja Sh1,500 sasa ikawa Sh2,500 na risiti zote niko nazo. Kwa nini wanapandisha pesa?” she posed.

Nairobi News contacted the Director for Governor Press Service who said he is not aware of the hike, but will confirm to us after he makes inquiries.