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Badi seemingly eating into Sonko’s popularity among Nairobians

Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) Director General, Major General Mohammed Badi, seems to be gaining more popularity among Nairobians.

This is largely due to the visible transformation the city has undergone ever since he took charge of some key functions of the County early this year.

According to a section of Nairobians, the city has been able to get the much-needed facelift, transforming it from the deplorable state it was in before.

Some of these changes include re-carpeting of roads in the Central Business District (CBD) alongside pedestrian walkways and cycling lanes.

They have also mentioned functional garbage collection and disposal programme that was also put in place resulting to cleaner streets as some of the services they credited to NMS.

On the other hand, governor Sonko appeared be losing popularity ever since Badi came onto the scene after he signed over some county functions through a controversial Deed of Transfer.

However, Sonko still has some diehard supporters who believe in his leadership and urged him on.

Below are some of their views captured from a post shared by Nairobi News on social media:

Hassan Basmer commented, “Badi. Intelligent honest, hardworking, and disciplined and he gets results very fast.”

St Elijah Mwambia stated, “Badi Kazi inaonekana mtaani but sonko ni kelele Tu kilio na matusi tunaona… Akwende uko.”

Apache said, “Badi anyday.”

Maniwa Kimberly remarked, “Uliza swali ya maana.sonko ni vitu gani sasa.”

Viky Mwaura wrote, “Sonko ako sawa lakini haiwezi Kazi Kama Badi, sonko angekua mjeshi pia angefanya makuu.”

Morris wenditi said, “Where are the tangible deliverables za sonko. Badi has less talk but we all can see the changes in CBD, mambo ya sonko ni cinema za kalongo na abunuasi.”

Onderi Magara wrote, “Sonko. This was a back-door military coup. People made a choice & their wishes should be respected. The cabal that steamrolled to power in 2017, opening fire on peaceful protesters showed its colours by overthrowing a democratically installed county government it didn’t like.”

Joe Arumba said, “Sonko is good for bling bling and rap but not as manager of a complex cirry.”

Kennciey Uandris remarked, “Sonko, who’s Badi?.. As per the constitution Sonko is the one who was elected by the people of Nairobi as the city’s governor.

Elius Onyango said, “Of course Mike Sonko we Nairobians elected him to serve us and for the last 3years he alone has brought so many developments in all 85Wards…. Moreso he disconnected the cartels network that were paid HEWA and now they brought their own to be in a position to steal well… Badi is a good guy in military gear and especially When fighting alshabaab but Developments hawezi toa Mike Sonko.”

Lucy Gathoni said, “Nairobians chose Sonko to serve them so let their rights and choices be respected.”