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Badoer blasts underperfoming Wazito players

In his typical fashion, Wazito FC owner Ricardo Badoer has blasted as ‘hyena players’ a section of the playing unit at the Kenyan Premier League club whom he accuses of failing to perform to expectations this season.

The outspoken Badoer, who is reported to have spent an estimated Sh80 million in signing players and other expenses this season, launched the scathing attack on Twitter on Tuesday.

He also accused the unnamed players of ‘eating his money’ and losing matches and suggested he was happy they would be heading to the streets ‘where they belong’.

“Today the Wazito FC cleaning continues. Kicking out no good f****ng hyena players that were recruited without my approval. All they did was to eat my money and lose games. I wish them the best on the streets where they belong. They lacked self-respect and love for the game,” he wrote.

Despite investing big (by Kenyan football standards) and also sharing plans to transform Wazito into a continental powerhouse, Badoer has developed a reputation as an outspoken person who consistently swears on his social media pages and online TV during interviews.

His latest comments come a day after Wazito released 12 players with club chief executive Dennis Gicharu citing ‘tough economical times’.

Coach Stewart Hall has also left.

“I have missed the family and with the football calendar uncertain, I want to go and spend time with them,” Hall told Nairobi News.

Wazito are placed 13th on the 18-team Kenyan league standings and the team’s former coach Boniface Ambani is favourite to get his old job back.