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Badoer the man: What you may not have known about Wazito’s no-nonsense boss

Last week, Kenya Premier League side Wazito FC owner Ricardo Badoer caused a stir online by summarily dismissing 12 players for under performance.

The tycoon is well known for his use of unprintable words on social media when addressing matters affecting his club.

He has reputation of liberally dishing out expletives to express his displeasure whenever his team falls short of his high standards – which they almost always do – or when something doesn’t sit right with him.

But who exactly is this man fondly referred as The Big Boss in local football circus? Here are a few things that probably didn’t know about this no-nonsense club owner.

Nationality –  Badoer is a Swedish national who lives with his family in Dubai. According to a previous interview, Badoer said he was born into a Spanish-Iranian family. When he was nine years old, he relocated to Sweden together with his mother following the death of his father.

Dollar billionaire – Several media outlets have reported that Badoer is a dollar billionaire. However, there are no documents in the public domain to support these claims. But one thing that is for sure is that this is a man with very deep pockets, thanks to his business acumen.

A smiling Ricardo Badoer pictured while in a jovial mood. PHOTO | COURTESY
A smiling Ricardo Badoer pictured while in a jovial mood. PHOTO | COURTESY

Shrewd businessman – Big Boss is a shrewd businessman with interest in various sectors ranging from banking, real estate, media and equity. He holds major shares at Sumac Microfinance Bank in Kenya and Tanzania-based Hakika Microfinance Bank where he also sits in the board of directors. He is also the founder of Badoer Investment Ltd, a company which recently agreed an equity stake with Uganda’s ALTX East Africa Group, a stock exchange firm. Badoer is the founder of a digital currency firm Aidos Kuneen ADK founded in 2017 which currently trades on 12 different exchanges. He is also the founder and CEO of MadGoat TV, a YouTube channel that focuses on Kenyans sports.

Became millionaire at 20 – Badoer has been quoted saying that he made his first million at the tender age of 20 when he started his first business after working as a property agent in Spain. In just one year working as a property agent, he claims he made enough money to buy a rundown house which he renovated then sold for a handsome profit. That led to the creation of Badoer Investment Ltd.

Wazito FC owner Ricardo Badoer smoking his beloved cigar. PHOTO | COURTESY
Wazito FC owner Ricardo Badoer smoking his beloved cigar. PHOTO | COURTESY

Spent Sh80million on Wazito FC – Since taking over Wazito FC in December 2018 from the founder Solomon Alubala, Badoer is rumoured to have pumped millions of Kenyan shillings in his effort to transform the club into the biggest football club in the country. He reportedly forked out Sh12million to purchase a new team bus in addition to spending about Sh10million in signing new players at the beginning of the season. Other than Wazito, he also owns CD Ursaria, a fifth-tier Spanish club.

Family life – Badoer is married and blessed with three children. He lives with his family in Dubai where he owns a number of properties.

Watch collector – Big Boss is an avid watch collector with a collection of more than 65 designer watches worth a fortune.

Love for expensive cigar – Badoer is infamous for his flamboyance. He fancies designer clothes, with Gucci and Versace his favourite labels. He also loves his cigar. On his official Twitter account, he describes himself as an entrepreneur, cigar and timepiece aficionado. His favourite cigar is the Muwat 7 x 70 whose box of 10 goes for Sh11,800.