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Baha’s ex-lover Georgina Njenga reveals crush, body count

By Elizabeth Ngigi September 25th, 2023 2 min read

Georgina Njenga, a popular content creator on YouTube and a former flame of Machachari actor, Baha, has sparked discussions after indirectly stating her preference for financially stable partners.

The 22-year-old content creator recently shared insights into her financial expectations during an interview with fellow content creator Flossyrtukid.

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When questioned about her income and the financial qualifications she sought in a partner, Georgina Njenga confidently replied:

“He should be earning KSh 100,000 and above.”

During the interview, Georgina also revealed her penchant for luxury, sharing that she once spent KSh 50,000 on a wig.

“I spent KSh 50,000 on a wig.”

When questioned about the source of the funds, she responded with a laugh, leaving some aspects of her financial situation shrouded in mystery.

The conversation took an interesting turn when Georgina was asked about her celebrity crush in Kenya.

Without hesitation, she mentioned two well-known names in the Kenyan entertainment scene, Tukid and Eddie Butita.

Georgina Njenga’s interview didn’t stop there; she also touched upon the topic of her “body count,” although she refrained from divulging specific details.

Instead, she humorously remarked, “Every woman’s body count is usually three. For me, per week we start fresh,” she said.

Georgina Njenga officially confirmed her separation from her baby’s father, Tyler Mbaya, widely known as Baha, back in July.

She shared that their decision to part ways was reached amicably after numerous attempts to salvage their relationship proved unsuccessful.

Georgina emphasized that even though they have gone their separate ways romantically, Baha remains actively involved in their child’s life.

“There was no specific reason; it was not just working out. I can’t pinpoint one thing. I can’t say he did this or that or I did that. It was piled up issues… and it reaches a time you realize this is not working out,”

First of all, none of us decided that they have dumped the other but a mutual agreement on this is not working out. So no one left the other, we discussed and agreed that we can’t continue,” she said.