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Tanzanian gospel musician Bahati Bukuku gives her blessings to ex-hubby to remarry

By THOMAS MATIKO November 19th, 2018 1 min read

Tanzanian legendary gospel musician Bahati Bukuku has given her estranged husband the green light to re-marry.

Bukuku, of the Dunia Haina Huruma fame, had been married to Daniel Basila for close to 14 years.

However, for the entire period the marriage was rocky and the two were said to be living separately despite being married in church, where they met.


“I just received news that my husband wants to remarry and I don’t have a problem with that because he divorced me officially at the courts on July this year, hence I don’t see any problem in that,” Bukuku is quoted.

During the time, they were blessed to have a child who later died and have never had another child.

It is understood that Basila got tired of the kind of life they were living with Bukuku and decided to move from their matrimonial home to the countryside where he reportedly found his new love.


“Daniel and Bahati were in a relationship for a very short time despite being married for 14 years. They lived separately with hopes that one day they would get their house in order. But Daniel got tired of waiting and decided to engage someone else whom he is looking forward to marry,” a close relative of Bukuku’s husband said.

Bukuku is one of the most respected gospel musician in Tanzanian and enjoys a great fan base in Kenya as well.