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Bahati: I am shutting down EMB Records

Gospel singer Bahati said he is shutting down his Eastlands Most Beloved (EMB) Records following unresolved wrangles with signed artistes at the label.

Bahati said that the decision to close EMB was a tough one for him to make but he could not go on with operations as if nothing was wrong.

Bahati lamented the situation has deteriorated at the label with some of the artistes he thought were his friends attacking him and making false claims against him.

“They started acting as if my money is coming from them, and to fight Bahati wakaanza kutafuta njia vile watanisingizia. Most of these artistes wenye nilikuwa nachukuwa walikuwa wameisha nikawarudisha kwa industry, but all of a sudden Bahati amekuchukuwa amekubrand nimechukuwa a new artiste nimembrand, mtu anaanza kufeel kama nikichukuwa huyu nimchoche a fight Bahati, Bahati will go down. And guys I haven’t spoken about this, that is how it has been for the last three years,” the artiste said.

Bahati intimated that ent through some soul searching before opting to close shop.

“I learnt to stay quiet, nakaacha inapita, but now in 2020 I thought about this deeply, and so today I made one of the toughest decisions that I am closing down EMB Record label. And by closing inamaanisha I am officially terminating all the contracts I had with the artistes, and that is Wizdom, Denno and other new artistes,” he added.

He disclosed that he was ready to incur the huge losses that come with the closure of the label saying it was not only an avenue to generate an income but also a ministry.

“What is the point of doing this ministry while the same ministry inakuwa translated the wrong way always, inakuwacha na a bad name. Is there any need to do this, because I have become one of the most talked about artistes, nimekuwa niki receive a lot of hate,” lamented Bahati.

Bahati blasted fellow gospel artistes for not having each other’s back during such tribulations.

“The gospel even says pretenders are worse than murderers, let me tell you something the gospel industry is not doing good, that is why Willy alituhepa. Kwa gospel industry ukipata watu wawili watatu wameagree, wameagree kufight mtu, kumaliza mtu,” Bahati opined.

In 2019, EMB record suffered a huge blow following the mass exodus of artistes.

However, during a concert to re-launch his record label Bahati had indicated that he decided to give it another shot with the fresh start after a careful thought process.