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Bahati: I’m sorry for letting down gospel of Christ

By BONIFACE NYAGA November 30th, 2016 2 min read

Popular gospel artiste, Bahati, has thrown a major spanner in the works with an apologetic post on his social media platforms.

The elaborate post is a public apology on behalf of fellow gospel artistes who have in the recent past being accused of missing the mark.

In the statement, Bahati admitted to his guilt stating that he was partly responsible for the devaluing of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

WE ARE SORRY FOR LETTING DOWN THE GOSPEL OF CHRIST‼️ I personally feel & accept that as “BAHATI” I have not Represented Jesus & the Gospel Music as God expects. I know this might not be the best Platform to Speak about this but We all Know that The Public has Lost Trust in Us Gospel Musicians. Can we all agree that The Saints & the Streets don’t See God in Us anymore??? Yes we Can’t Ignore the fact that the Church is Complaining that’s why “NONE” of our Urban Gospel Songs can be used in Praise & Worship Services. I feel Guilty & Sorry for Contributing in Devaluing THE GOSPEL OF CHRIST- God Says if We don’t go back to What He called us to do GOD WILL AS WELL RAISE STONES to Praise Him & in a better way than we Can. YESSSS GOD CAN REPLACE US IN A MINUTE‼️ God has given us Supportive Media Personalities, DJs & Loyal fans but we have let you down. Our Focus has been making Hit songs, Scandals & Headlines and we are not Proud of Our Lord God & Savior JESUS CHRIST. Yes We Forgot the “CALLING” and Ministry… I personally feel my Last Gospel Song was “BARUA” in 2014 nanimechangia Sana kupaka Jina la Yesu Matope… LORD PLEASE FORGIVE ME ? Some People might see this as Self Crucification but NO!!! God says clearly in 1ST JOHN 1:9…. “if we CONFESS our sins He is faithful & Just to forgive us and Cleanse Us from all Unrighteousness” … God speaks through People; and if the Public & the People of God are not happy::: THEN GOD IS NOT HAPPY‼️ (Listen to what the Spirit Says 2Chronicles 7:14)

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The public’s reactions to his post were equally intriguing, some applauded him for his humility while others rubbished it as a PR stunt.

The post comes just days after Bahati deleted his entire collection of Instagram photos: a move that was also seen as an attention seeking stunt.

Pretentious or not, the post is a response to a genuine public outcry against the Kenyan gospel industry.

Fans have been urging artiste to go back to the fundamentals and we only hope this is a genuine turn around strategy.