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‘Bahati threw me out of our house,’ Diana Marua reveals in Netflix show

Diana Marua has opened up about a tumultuous period in her marriage to musician Bahati, revealing he kicked her out of their home three months after the birth of their first daughter, Heaven.

The couple, who are currently starring in their latest reality show, The Bahati Empire, shared their personal ups and downs in the first episode.

Bahati recalled his best moments married to Diana, highlighting the joy of her pregnancies.

“My best moment was when she got saved [became a Christian] and another best moment was when she told me she was pregnant for the first time. We had just come from a place where we were being bullied so much online because I had just posted my firstborn daughter (Mueni) and she had posted a photo with her. I remember some of the comments were like ‘have your own child’.”

But Bahati also revealed his worst day, when he claimed Diana left him to live with an ex-lover.

“My worst day is a day when Diana woke up, packed and left the house to live with an ex-lover. I thought she had gone to her father’s house, only to find out she had gone back to an ex. She left with a three-month-old baby.”

An emotional Diana clarified her side of the story, insisting she was kicked out by Bahati.

“I want to clarify and say that he chased me out of the house. He chased me out with a three-month-old baby. I was homeless with nowhere to go. I did not even have milk for my baby. I was desperate and I wanted peace. My father gave me no peace and my house had no peace. Whoever welcomed me with open arms, I would go to them and find peace”.

Bahati responded by saying Diana’s return to her ex suggested she already had a plan.

This conversation angered Diana and she walked out during the 7th-anniversary celebrations attended by her close friends and family.

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