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Bahati: Why I ‘dropped’ my wife for her best friend in my new love song

When gospel singer Kevin Bahati dropped his latest jam Wanani five days ago, as usual many of his fans expected it to be a gospel song.

However, the song, which is currently trending at number two in Kenya, turned out to be a love song.


The song has been causing so much buzz on social media, especially over Bahati’s choice of popular city make up artiste Phoena as the video vixen.

In the video of the song, Phoena plays the role of Bahati’s lover.

But with the chemistry they displayed on set, appearing almost real, many of Bahati’s fans feel it should have been his wife Diana Marua playing that role instead.

They wondered why he had snubbed his wife and decided to choose the flawless lass who happens to be Diana’s best friend.

But Bahati has now cleared the air over the matter.

“Sikumtumia Diana sababu yupo kwa nyimbo zangu nyingi, nimefanya naye mapenzi na kuna video yangu special inatoka 2021 bado ni yeye yupo. Isitoshe, ndio maana naitwa gospel artiste, nafaa kuwa artistic nisifanye vitu ambavyo watu wanategemea,” Bahati has explaied.


But even then, some would wonder why he wouldn’t pick someone else for such a ‘sensitive’ role other than his wife’s best friend.

However, Bahati says he doesn’t rely on people’s opinions, but God, while making artistic decisions and as such, in this case Phoena was the best choice.

“I don’t depend on people’s opinions but God’s. But why Phoena? Niliona in terms of confidence na chemistry ambayo nilikuwa nahitaji kwa video, niliona ni mtu ambaye angefaa zaidi na aliweza,” Bahati said.

The singer also weighed on the notions that he has started drifting from gospel to secular music having done his last song with gengetone artistes Bondoocks Gang and now the latest, a love song.

In response, Bahati says the same fans he feeds with gospel songs also experience love and that’s the bit he stepped in to take care of with the latest release.