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Bahati’s fans have their say on his new look

By Amina Wako April 30th, 2019 1 min read

Kenyan gospel musician, Bahati, has left tongues wagging on social media after sharing a picture of himself rocking a new hairstyle.

The singer shared the picture on his Instagram account asking his fans what they thought of his new hairstyle.

“Comment with yes or no.” he wrote.



This prompted netizens to share their reactions with many loving his new look.

Interestingly, his wife Diana Marua was among those who were not impressed by his new look.

“Babe, I never fold on you… but this look on you, NAAAAAHHHH ?♀️ @bahatikenya ? Who’s with me?” wrote Diana.

Christable posted,”Baha nooooooo who put those things on your head nawaoooo” .

A section of his followers saw it as a lack of originality as they accused him of copying other celebrities.

“You lack originality, you had to copy nyashinski. Be creative,” missmbago commented.

“This and Willy Paul hawana difference, wanaambukizana peer pressure. Wanafaa kufungiwa kwa karoom wanyoroshwe kiboko waache kaumama,” wrote Carol.


But then there are those who love it.

“Sijui ni pamoja na dress code ama nini, but in this look (the whole look) makes you look more mature. Msinitupie mawe lakini? sina helmet,” brayc_254 commented.

“Eeeeeeish ata Ile Vita yako Na seed tumesahau,” fayne_e wrote.

“Very beautiful. Kwanza your lipstick,” posted jeddy_elizabeth.

“Waah ???? helllllllooooooo ✋✋✋. That look ??. Imeweza!,” janesjacindy commented.

“For the fast time I comment on your post” ????? Big yes,” mintos_salon_beautyhub said.

“???hatari sana hii mrasta ???,” x_pey_kenya commented.