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Ball juggling woman in African viral video impresses US President Donald Trump

A woman has managed to impress U.S president Donald Trump with her football juggling prowess that has seen her trending for the better part of Tuesday.

The woman is yet to be identified but is believed to be hailing from Malawi. She skilfully bounces the ball using her head and at one time even uses her left shoulder.

In one instance, she does the famous football pose of bouncing the ball on the head then letting it rest at the back of her neck while leaning over.

The video of the thrilling woman wearing a pink shirt and black and white leso was first shared by a tweep who goes by the name Akin Sawyerr.

“Amazing” wrote Mr Trump alongside the video which he re-shared on his twitter handle.

Other tweeps also shared their sentiments praising the woman while others shared other videos of the same woman entertaining crowds with her enthralling skills akin to those displayed by top world footballers.

Piers Morgan wrote, “Brilliant.”

Vincent Half said, “She makes it look easy. Dope Af.”

RawSteen wrote, “Ball juggling doesn’t necessarily mean you are a good baller but I’ve got to give her credit. She even did all that with her skirt on. Wild.”

Ben Blanchard commented, “Facts she’s really good but I haven’t seen a soccer game that needs that much juggling.”

Alyssa Sperrazza remarked, “This is absolutely mesmerizing!”

Dr Carver Anderson said, “When talents and opportunities ‘engage’ and ‘marry,’ we see the ‘birth’, of the likes of the Williams sisters, Pele and the likes. May the talents of marginalised and oppressed individuals meet with opportunities, to maximise the potentials of those on the tangent of society.”