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Bamboo talks about Mobi ambassadorial role and his newly-launched book

Veteran Kenyan rapper Bamboo African Bantu has been named the brand ambassador of Mobi Kenya, a tech application company that is soon set to make its debut in the Kenyan market.

In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, the rapper said that Mobi is yet to be operationalised in the country, but it’s something that Kenyans will love to interact with as it’s a mobility company like Uber and Bolt, only that it continuously encourages the culture of saving.

“I am the brand ambassador of a tech app that I think Kenyans need. It’s called Mobi. It’s different from other mobility companies,” said Bamboo.

He said the app offers drivers a bigger percentage of their hustle going right into their wallets.

“Mobi looked at what these drivers were facing and decided to solve the problem. Mobi pays the driver 82 per cent of the fare every time they take a trip, and they also have a very exciting referral programme. So, everybody you refer to Mobi pays you 4 per cent of the taxi fare every time they use it, forever. It’s the first passive application in the world. It pays you over and over again,” he explained.

The rapper, whose real name is born Simon Kimani, recently released his first book title The Truth about Money, which delves into the psychology of how to make wealth and defy the bondage of a rigged system that indirectly prohibits passive income.

“In my book, I talk about the education industry, where they programme you to study hard, get good grades and get a good job. So you’re programmed to seek employment after school instead of teaching you how money works, how you can build assets and gain financial freedom,” he said.

In the book, the father of three gives insight into how the education system omits text about how money truly works and how many people are slaves to a system they know little to nothing about.

“There’s a reason why schools do not teach you about money. They don’t tell you where it comes from, they let you just assume it comes from the bank. But they won’t teach you the system of how the bank functions and how the Central Bank functions because all banks answer to the Central Bank,” he says.

The rapper says he was inspired to write the book after observing how people are misinformed about money. Through his four years of research and many years of experience came up with a literary work of art that will help people find their way to wealth.

“They print as much money as they want or as little money as they want but they don’t want people to know about this. Otherwise, they would have put it in our school syllabus. They deliberately omit that piece of information,” he explains.