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Kenyans split on ban of second-hand car spare parts imports

A notice from the Kenya Bureau of Standards (Kebs) on the ban of importation of second hand car parts has elicited mixed reactions from Kenyans.

Stakeholders and dealers are most hit with a majority of them protesting the move citing massive job losses that will result from the ban.

Some Kenyans are however in agreement with Kebs, stating that vital car parts ought to be unused for effective performance.

Former Senator Billow Kerrow wrote, “Kebs directive banning import of second hand vehicles spares is another thoughtless policy that will hurt ordinary Kenyans.  Do these guys live on the moon? This action will add more costs to transport sector, more difficulty for ordinary Kenyans.”

Entrepreneur Karani Mutonga stated, “I support the ban on 17 categories of used car parts. Clutches, brake pads, spark plugs, rack ends, rubber bushes, ball joints etc. I mean, why use second hand of such vital parts? Let’s stop being a dumping site. I support KEBS on this.”


Economist Mohamed Wehliye wrote, “Will push cost of living up. You can get relatively new parts from written off cars. Used here means reconditioned. Si hata most of the 2nd hand cars a used/reconditioned pia? Why would you pay 100k for new breaks for a 2nd hand car you bought for 300k? Kenya is being regulated as if it is a 1st world country. As if everyone earns 300k a month. Policy paralysis.”

“So how will Kenya industrialize if Kenyans reject the government’s efforts to regulate imports of second hand and contraband goods? Hamuezi saidika,” Githaka commented.

“Ask the matatu guys whose vehicles are in operation from dawn to midnight which parts they prefer. The used Japan ones like pads, ball joints, rack ends last longer than the ‘new ‘ they’re talking about, actually used are sometimes pricier because of their demand,” Mwangi commented.


“Makes sense. But if we ban the used ones the same Kebs must ensure the new but cheap low quality parts don’t find their way in. In most cases you are better off with genuine second hand than the new Chinese imports,” Mugereki wrote.

“There’s always markets for used parts even in the leading car economies… Check any besides cost, they are useful for reasons including parts no longer produced, rarity, performance rebuilds etc. Used parts not same as sub-standard parts!” Ngigi Waithaka stated.

“People are making noise here blindly without reading the contents of the article. How does a used brake pad help really? Those pads are one of the reasons why we hear of brake failure after accidents,” Nick Jumba wrote.