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‘Banjuka’ hitmaker DNA narrates journey to salvation

Renowned musician and Banjuka hitmaker, DNA, has opened up about his transformative journey from the secular music scene to embracing gospel.

He revealed that his path to spiritual enlightenment was marked by a harrowing battle with alcoholism.

In an emotionally charged interview with CTA, the talented singer, whose real name is Dennis Kaggia, delved into the depths of his struggles with alcohol and the pivotal moment that steered him towards a new purpose.

DNA candidly shared that his pursuit of wealth and the fast-paced lifestyle of chasing dreams to become a millionaire quickly led him down a dark path of alcohol dependency.

The artist acknowledged the daunting challenge of overcoming alcohol addiction, describing it as a grueling process.

“Getting off the liquor is so hard. Getting off of the liquor is like an exorcism. People who’ve drunk properly can tell you. Especially when you get into your 30s and beyond. You drink nicely for like 3-4 days, bro getting off the booze, you feel like things are crawling off your skin, you start hallucinating, and alcohol withdrawals are no joke. They are the hardest to get off,” DNA shared.

It was this uphill battle with alcoholism that prompted DNA to seek a life-changing intervention.

The artist revealed that he decided to turn to God for deliverance.

“I said I need to change my life. What do I do? The thing I knew was God, wacha niokoke. I told God to remove me from this because this booze is too strong. You blow money, you do stupid things, and then you tell yourself I will never do this again. And then you don’t last a day or a week,” he recounted.

The impact of alcoholism went beyond physical health, he says it affected DNA’s self-esteem and left him feeling worthless.

Fueled by a desire for transformation, he made the courageous decision to enter rehab and confront the demons that haunted him.

“So I got saved, and I love the music, so si tupige tu gospel,” he expressed, explaining his shift from the secular world to gospel music.

DNA took a drastic step to withdraw from the secular music scene, canceling gigs, even at the cost of financial setbacks and strained relationships.

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