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Battle of the assets: Risper Faith disses Vera Sidika following reduction surgery

Bootylicious Instagram influencer Risper Faith alias Lady Risper subtly shaded socialite Vera Sidika after the latter had her butt implants removed.

In a few posts seen by Nairobi News, Risper took to Instagram on October 5, to ask her followers and friends why they kept texting her about a certain butt and asking what this butt had done.

“Ati m***** imefanya?” posed Risper to which many of her followers equally laughed at the caption and criticized her for making light of Sidika’s experiences.

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She went on to reaffirm that her infamous butt was very real and people would wait for long for them to ‘deflate’ when a follower told her to pray that her (Risper’s) implants were placed well by a good surgeon unlike Vera’s.

Many castigated Risper for shading Vera who had claimed she had her butt and breast implants removed to save her life.

“It’s not funny. I did not expect you to post something like this. For some issues, one should just watch without saying a word,” Felystar Mabera castigated Risper.

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To this, another follower, Kreyie Nyambura, responded by saying, “ Exactly. Quite unfortunate. She was better silent than this! And come to think she has undergone surgery regardless of whether ni m***** or not! As long as it’s body modification, anything can happen! Anyways, so brave of Vera to admit and accept the consequences of the wrong decisions she made.”

“Sasa…wewe lazima ungepost swali ya ujinga hivi?? Sisi wote tunajua but we didn’t post…usimchekelee mwenzako na pia wewe umefanya liposuction,” added Jacquey Osman2020.

“This is how you gain enemies. Why can’t you let this slide? Must you be part of this shaming? Wah…anyway, ukiona mwenzako ananyolewa, tia lako maji!!” said Shann Peters254.

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Hours prior, Vera Sidika had taken to Instagram to announce that she had the butt implants removed and posted photos of herself looking uncharacteristically slimmer in a leotard.

“This has been the hardest phase in my life. Due to health risks and complications, I had to undergo surgery. It’s still very unbelievable but I’ve come to terms with it and learnt to love myself… honestly, it’s been pretty hard. I didn’t even celebrate my birthday this year but here we are,” said Sidika in part.

She also announced that she would be unveiling videos of the surgery as she also went on a clap-back spree at those who were insulting her for her decisions regarding her body.

Aside from Vera, other infamous bootylicious babes are Instagram influencers Risper Faith, Corazon Kwamboka and Amber Ray.

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