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BBC asks if Trump should deport Kenyans and Twitter explodes

Kenyans have been angered by a question that was posed by British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) on Friday night during President Donald Trump’s inauguration.

The British media house asked “Will Kenyans be deported in Trump’s America?” the question did not go down well with section of Kenyans who started the hashtag #SomeoneTellBBCAfrica.

In an earlier tweet BBC Africa had also asked another question which touched on the illegal Kenyans who live in the United States.

The two tweets immediately sparked outrage among Kenyans who wondered why the BBC directed the deportation remarks on Kenyans yet there are other illegal immigrants from different countries.

During his campaign Trump had stated that those living in the US illegally and are seeking legal status will be deported and apply for re-entry under the rules of the new legal immigration system.

His tough immigration policy means that the large number of Kenyans, making up a 10% of the unauthorised settlers from sub-Saharan Africa in the US, will be sent back home.

More than 30,000 Kenyan citizens live illegally in the US could be on their way home if Donald Trump makes good his campaign threat.

The enraged online fraternity used the hashtag to send hilarious tweets directed at the London based media.