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BBL brawl and broken girl code: Tanasha Donna vs Risper Faith

Kenyan socialite Risper Faith and singer Tanasha Donna are embroiled in an online feud about the alleged BBL surgery saga. 

Risper and Tanasha had an agreement regarding cosmetic surgery, with Risper introducing Tanasha to a company that offered the procedure. However, Tanasha allegedly failed to honour her part of the bargain, causing Risper to suffer both personally and professionally.

The dynamics of their story points to the theme of broken girl code. Broken trust and betrayal. 

Tanasha reached out to Risper seeking advice on cosmetic surgery and intrigued by Risper’s openness about her own procedures, Tanasha sought her guidance, hoping to enhance her behind.

Risper, seeing an opportunity to help a fellow woman, introduced Tanasha to a company offering Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) procedures. The company, recognizing Tanasha’s influence, agreed to provide the surgery, even hiring professional videographers to document the transformation.

However, what seemed like a bond of sisterhood soon turned into a nightmare for Risper. Just two weeks after the surgery, Tanasha disappeared, leaving Risper and the company in the dark.

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The repercussions were immediate and severe. Risper lost professional gigs, her reputation was questioned and the company held her responsible for Tanasha’s abrupt departure. The broken girl code had dire consequences for Risper’s personal and professional life.

“Tanasha’s story, like the whole back and forth with her cost me a gig with a certain brand. The truth is, the company was looking for someone to do a butt lift. Coincidentally, Tanasha sent me a DM asking if I had had mine done and if so where, so I introduced her to them as I figured she’d be a good match,” Risper said in a recent interview with Mwende Macharia.

The story highlights the fragility of trust and the pain caused by betrayal. Risper’s faith in Tanasha (pun intended) was shattered when she failed to honour their agreement and abandoned her responsibilities. The fallout not only damaged their relationship but also tarnished Risper’s standing in the industry. 

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Furthermore, the incident sheds light on the power dynamics within the entertainment industry. Risper, as a social influencer, had a responsibility to recommend individuals who would deliver on their promises. However, Tanasha’s actions not only harmed Risper but also affected the company involved. 

“The procedure cost about Sh860,000. It was done for her and she ran away. The company came looking for me because I introduced her to them. It even became a police case. It was a big story, even now I could lose my contract if I keep talking about it. After that incident, she blocked me everywhere,” Risper revealed. 

Amidst the turmoil, Risper’s disappointment in Tanasha’s actions showcases the significance of upholding the girl code. Women supporting women is a powerful force, but when that support is shattered, it leaves a void that can be difficult to fill. 

“The day for doing the photoshoot and posting, she didn’t come. Wamemtafuta, wamemtafuta one-month ikaisha, two months ikaisha. Now they’re like- now you need to pay this money,” Risper said in a previous interview, still addressing Tanasha’s betrayal.

“So, the owner of the company was looking at me like, ‘Risper, what type of person did you bring to us? You promised that this lady is going to deliver, she didn’t deliver.’… I’m not the bad guy here, she didn’t keep her side of the deal.”

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