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Be ready to raise your child alone, Zari warns Tanasha

Zari Hassan has warned Tanasha Donna to be ready to raise her unborn child alone just in case things fail to work out with bongo maestro Diamond Platinumz.

The mother of five, who dated Diamond for close to five years and gave birth to two children with the singer, said she was happy her ex had moved on and is expecting his fourth child.

Diamond recently announced that his Kenyan fiancée Tanasha was expecting their child.

However, she cautioned the NRG Radio presenter not to be very comfortable with the singer just because she is carrying his baby and seems to be treating her right at the moment.

“It’s a beautiful thing but in case of anything she must just be ready to take care of her child. Because if you look at the circle with the other ladies (Diamond exes) and myself, it’s the same thing. I didn’t see anything new,” Zari cautioned Tanasha in a recent interview with popular Tanzanian blogger Millard Ayo.


Zari also confirmed Diamond’s plan to sell the house he bought her in South Africa, which she has been residing in with their children.

However, she said she is not bothered to move out as she owns several mansions.

“If someone is ready to sell a house with his kids in it, what else can’t he do. But it’s all good I got other houses.”

In the same interview, the socialite added that Diamond had not spoken to his children for nine months. She said his mother Sandra had been checking on them frequently until she was cautioned by the singer.

She said that was the last time he ever sent money for upkeep.

Diamond and Tanasha have been dating for more than a year now and were set to wed on February 14, 2019. However, the much publicised wedding was postponed to a later date. Sources say it was a publicity stunt to popularize his Wasafi Festival in Kenya at the turn of the new year.