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Be unique and get these gifts for your Valentine

By GEORGIA ATIENO February 13th, 2014 2 min read

Friday is Valentine’s Day and with it comes financial pressure in a bid to impress your loved ones.

It is one month where budgets go out of the window and all that matters is that your beloved is happy.

While flowers, heart-shaped cards, stuffed animals, chocolates and a romantic getaway are thoughtful presents guaranteed to warm your spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend’s heart, are they really gifts with long-term benefits?

This year try something different. Here are unique gift ideas that will give you your money’s worth as well as impress your sweetheart.

1. Shares and stocks: There are a lot of shares trading at the Nairobi Securities Exchange and it is never too late to start investing. Why not boost the investment portfolio of your loved one by buying some shares in one of the listed companies. Other securities you can invest in include bonds and unit trusts. Remember to consult with a stock broker on the most promising options, weigh the pros and cons before you act.

2. Land: If your budget allows, a piece of land is a worthwhile gift. It doesn’t have to be tracts of land; an eighth or a quarter acre in Kitengela or Ngong is a good and impressive enough investment for the future. 

3. Insurance package: If your loved one doesn’t already have an insurance plan, this would be a great gift. Insurance packages to consider include life, medical or property, car or electronics. There are a number of service providers offering packages for as low as Sh5, 000 annual premiums. 

4. Money: While a romantic getaway is a nice gesture, your partner could be in over their heads in debt and may not necessarily enjoy being pampered while their rent, cable bill or student loan remain unsettled. Presenting them with a cheque for a certain sum of money will go a long way in restoring their smile and Valentine’s Day will no doubt be meaningful.

5. Personal finance course: Chart your loved one’s path to wealth creation by signing them up for a personal finance management course. The course will help him/her develop a financial plan and an investment strategy that will guide them in their quest for financial freedom.

Georgia Atieno is a financial communications consultant and freelance writer.