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6 Ways to beat the long Huduma Namba queues

As the Huduma Namba mass registration closes on Saturday, the queues at most registration centres in Nairobi are getting longer.

Typical last minute Kenyans, just like you our reader, are seeking to beat the deadline in the easiest way possible.

Here some tips that will help you survive if not beat the long queues:

1. Scan your neighbourhood for a registration centre with less people

The registration centres are spread across different parts of the country and if you do your homework you can identify one in your neighbourhood that is not so crowded.

2.  Download the form and fill in advance

You can download the registration form and fill it in advance so that when your turn comes, its just a matter of keying in the data, getting your finger prints taken and taking a photo. Early filling might save you in case the forms run out midway and the queue is held up to await photocopying.

3. Carry food, snacks or drinks

It will be better for you if you have something to binge on as you wait for your turn in the crazy queues. Don’t feel guilty if he person next to you did not read this article and prepared with snacks as well.

4. ‘Rent’ a baby

I know this is cheeky, but it might work if you go to a registration centre where nursing mothers are not many. Unfortunately, the trick won’t work if your centre has dozens of nursing mothers as you may all be required to queue.

5. Get your social groove on

Put your best foot forward and socialize with the last minute Kenyans, just like you, who you will find on the queue. Strike an interesting conversation and you will be surprised how fast the queue will move just because you were busy making friends.

6. Bring a playlist

In case you are unlucky and find very reserved people on the queue, prepare a backup plan by creating a great playlist that will keep you entertained. But remember to bring your ear phones just so that you do not irritate those who only came to be registered and not to be entertained.