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Bebe Cool reconsidering personal ‘target’ of seven children after scary delivery room experience

By CHAD KITUNDU December 3rd, 2017 1 min read

Ugandan musician Bebe Cool and his wife Zuena Kirema on Friday night welcomed a bouncing baby girl, the sixth child for the artiste.

Baby Eman was delivered early on Saturday morning at Nakasero Hospital in Kampala, where the singer witnessed childbirth for the first time in his life.

It’s an experience which has left the musician, who once infamously said that he would love to sire seven children, seemingly doubtful of releasing that ambitious personal ‘target’.

In a lengthy post on Facebook, the singer narrated the whole experience, admitting how scared he was when his wife went into labour as they rushed to hospital and that at some point he toyed with the idea of bailing out of witnessing his child coming into the world.


“We hit hospital in 20min and i was soooo scared coz i had promised her i will be with her all through but her crying was making me think twice,” he wrote.

Although he stayed strong and accompanied his wife to the delivery room, Bebe Cool says watching a woman giving birth surpasses having a vasectomy for those men wishing to have no more kids.

Bebe Cool concluded his post with some words of counsel to his fellow men from the lessons he picked from his delivery room experience.

“Thank you my wife for that opportunity coz now i know why women deserve to be considered first when it comes to custody of children during conflict, the attachment is way beyond. Well men if you looked down on women just because your rich,famous or both,time for you to think twice and RESPECT WOMEN,” wrote Bebe Cool who now has five children with Zuena and one with another woman.