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Bebe Cool sues barber, demands Sh6 million compensation

A public fallout between Ugandan musician Bebe Cool and his Kampala based barber has left the artist seeking UGX200 million (about Sh6 million) in compensation for defamation.
The Love You Everyday hitmaker, real name is Moses Ssali, and his wife Zuena have filed the lawsuit at the High Court in Kampala.
The couple also wants Martin Shafat Ssaku, who trades as Mart barber Hair Studio, to be restrained from any further libelous information against them.
The suit is in relation to Ssaku’s claims that the couple have failed to pay UGX 3 million (about Sh90,000) for services rendered.
The dreadlocked Bebe Cool also asked the court to declare Ssaku guilty of unjust enrichment and economic fraud, among others, for allegedly using Zuena’s images and videos to advertise his business without her consent.
“That without the first and second plaintiffs’ (couple’s) consent owing to their brand, popularity and great reputation, the defendants (Ssaku and his company) well knowing of its benefit from the same without any claim of right whatsoever always made motion pictures, videos and took photographs of them during the process of giving their services that were later posted on the defendants social media pages for material gain and advertising their services without the plaintiffs consent,” reads in part the court document.
The couple admits Ssaku was their barber but argue he would always be paid on a pay-as-you go basis as the practice usage and procedure in that industry.
Ssaku had reportedly claimed on social media that the couple maintain a high-end lifestyle that they cannot afford given that they have failed to clear payments for services rendered.