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Panic over possible beer shortage in Japan during 2019 Rugby World Cup

It’s no secret that beer is synonymous with rugby tournaments all over the world. So the idea of beer running out during as big a tournament at the 2019 Rugby World Cup, would naturally make fans nervous.

But that’s the grim reality that fans travelling to Japan for the tournament could face.

According to reports from the Rugby World Cup Committee, there could be a shortage of the commodity in the cities set to host the tournament in Japan.


The Organizing Committee has warned restaurant and hotel operators of the perils of running out of beer.

As such, Japan’s Jiji Press Agency has reported that the committee, during a recent pre-tournament briefing, advised business stakeholders in the cities of Sapporo, Hokkaido and Oita to ensure the stock up beer to last the entire period of the tournament.

About 400,000 thirsty rugby fans are expected to travel for the tournament slated for September, with the three cities likely to receive the largest portion of the visitors.


Already Oita’s Prefecture (City’s top Administrator) has heeded the advice by asking major beer brewing companies in the city to improve their supply arrangement.

Bars have also been recommended to open longer to allow for post-match drinking sessions.

Oita Stadium is set to host three pool stage matches – Wales vs Fiji, New Zealand vs Canada, Australia vs Uruguay – as well as the quarter finals.