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Behind the Scenes: Vijana Barubaru uncover Kenya’s music industry realities

Kenya’s rising music duo, Vijana Barubaru, composed of Spikes Mshairi and Tuku Kantu, have shed light on the challenges within the country’s music industry while also reflecting on their own journey so far. 

In an open conversation with the E254 show team, the duo acknowledged the hurdles they’ve faced and celebrated the significant milestones they’ve achieved in their music careers.

Recalling their earlier experiences, Vijana Barubaru recounted their almost-signing with Eldoret’s Big Afrique Studios, a venture facilitated by comedian Eric Omondi acting as a mediator.

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The group’s first song, Sasa Hivi (freestyle), gained viral attention, attracting Eric’s interest. The comedian offered to sponsor the official audio and video production of the song, a promise that unfortunately didn’t come to fruition.

Despite collaborating with comedian and producer Jegede to record the official audio, with expectations of Eric’s support for the music video, the deal fell through. The E254 Show hosts inquired about the missed opportunity with Big Afrique Studios.

Vijana Barubaru revealed that Eric introduced them to Jegede for the recording of an accelerated version of Sasa Hivi, anticipating a subsequent video. However, due to market response, they released a slower version that ultimately became the official track available on various platforms.

During this time, Eric assured the group that he’d connect them with the founder of Big Afrique Studios for a potential recording and management agreement. The negotiation process was successful, with Tuku Kantu reflecting on the significant impact of this experience at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC).

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The group was flown from Nairobi to Eldoret to seal the deal which only turned into a cat-and-mouse game. Despite a successful meeting at KICC and promises of collaboration, Vijana Barubaru was left without a recording contract.

They noted that while they received some pocket money, they learned that an amount of more than Sh450,000 but they only received Sh61,000. The group lamented the manipulation and exploitation they experienced.

In this respect, the group has urged budding artistes to equip themselves with knowledge about the music business and to be cautious of potential exploiters as they navigate their way to success.

They encouraged artistes to be cautious, lest they fell victim to those who might seek to take advantage of their talent and efforts. The duo also emphasized the importance of understanding contracts, making informed decisions and safeguarding their creative and financial interests.

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