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Being famous scares me – Social media influencer Natalie Tewa

By Elizabeth Ngigi September 21st, 2023 2 min read

Popular Kenyan influencer Natali Tewa opened up about her experiences with fame, authenticity, and her core values.

Tewa, known for her unfiltered and relatable content, delved into various aspects of her life and perspective on being in the public eye in a video she posted on her vlog.

Tewa, who has amassed a substantial following online, began by addressing her introverted nature.

She revealed that, despite her online persona, she is naturally shy and has always been apprehensive about large crowds and public interactions.

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Her journey to overcome these tendencies has been a significant challenge, especially in an industry that often demands constant exposure and engagement with the public.

Acknowledging the requests from her followers for a meet and greet, Tewa admitted that she has contemplated the idea but finds it challenging due to her introverted nature. She shared her concerns about meeting people in person, emphasizing that she prefers the comfort of her home when engaging with her audience online.

Regarding her fame, Tewa candidly expressed mixed feelings. While she appreciates the positive aspects of being in the public eye, she also values her personal space and private moments.

She said, “I will be honest, all things considered, I would rather just have my space my personal time I don’t like the fact that if I’m trying to have some private moments I just find people like say ‘Hey’.”

She lamented how fame sometimes leads to unexpected encounters with fans during her private moments, highlighting the difficulties of being constantly recognized.

Tewa revealed that, contrary to her online image, she often prefers a relaxed and casual appearance, describing herself as a “homeless-looking babe” during her daily errands. She expressed her love for the freedom of not having to dress up and the ease of not needing to worry about her appearance when she’s simply enjoying her personal time.

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“Sometimes you actually don’t want to be seen and most of the time, let me tell you I look homeless like I’m usually a homeless-looking babe if you see me just walking around like I’m in sweats or like I’m chilling so you might find me just doing errands and I’m not even looking cute at all. I like to look homeless and this is the way it is like I just love the freedom of not having to try,” Tewa explained.

When asked whether she would prefer not to be famous, Tewa gave an honest response. She admitted that a part of her would opt for a more private life because fame comes with expectations of always appearing perfect, a standard she feels is far from her true self.

“Being famous is like so not me, people will expect you to be like always be glam. The fact that people expect you to be like super perfect is kind of scary because I’m like I’m so far from that,” she added.

However, she also recognizes the positive impact she can have on others through her work, which serves as a source of motivation and inspiration.

Towards the end of the video, Tewa shared her core values, highlighting authenticity, humility, and self-improvement as the pillars of her personal philosophy.

She emphasized the importance of staying true to oneself, avoiding arrogance, and constantly striving to be the best version of oneself.

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