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Bernice Saroni: I played no part in Edday’s decision to ‘leave’ Samidoh

US-based Kenyan music promoter Bernice Saroni, who is a family friend of Mugiithi artiste Samidoh, has responded to accusations made by a fan regarding her alleged influence on Edday Nderitu’s decision to leave her husband.

Saroni strongly refuted the claims stating that becoming a single mother was never her choice.

The exchange between Saroni and the fan occurred on social media, where the fan accused Saroni of advising Edday to end her marriage and drew comparisons to Samidoh’s previous situation.

Saroni defended Edday’s character and emphasized that Edday’s path would be different from hers.

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“Edday will never be like me, but your beautiful daughter, whom you call ‘mum,’ may end up being a single mother like me,” Saroni responded.

She warned the fan that mocking God is not a trivial matter and that one should not judge others based solely on appearances.

Saroni also spoke about her personal journey as a single mother, saying it was not a choice she made willingly.

She explained that when she entered her marriage, she fully intended to see it through.

Saroni shared her surprise at finding herself in the position of being a single mother after giving birth to four children.

She reminded the fan that she had gone through all the traditional marriage rites and had signed a marriage certificate, making her situation all the more unexpected.

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Responding to the fan’s comment about dowry, Saroni challenged the assumption that her dowry would only be paid after her death for burial purposes.

She made it clear that she had fulfilled all the necessary obligations and ceremonies of her marriage.

Saroni urged the fan to think before making such comments and expressed her respect for all single mothers, praying for their strength and resilience in raising their children.

In her concluding statements, Saroni emphasized that survival as a single mother does not depend on having a man but rather on faith in God and hard work.

She commended the strength and determination of single mothers and sent a message of encouragement, reminding them that they are capable of providing for their children and succeeding in life.

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