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Bernice Saroni uses Samidoh’s song to defend Edday from fan

Bernice Saroni, a close friend to the Samidohs, has chided a fan who claimed the musician’s wife Edday Nderitu should build her home instead of wrecking it by being away on vacation.

Using the artist’s song, Saroni cheekily sang through in response to the fan urging her to keep quiet since she was just rumbling words.

In an exclusive with Nairobi News, a close friend of Edday revealed that the ‘goat’ wife was planning to relocate to the United States of America (USA) and would not be coming back to the country anytime soon.

Edday who left the country on May 2, 2023, shared that she had left the country for a vacation and was welcomed by Saroni. While some of the fans were excited for Edday and urged her to start afresh, others blamed Saroni for influencing Edday.

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“A wise woman hujenga boma yake sio kubomoa in the name of vacation, (A wise woman builds her own house not destroying it in the name of vacation),” one of the fans told her in an indirect attack.

Responding, Saroni sang one of Samidoh’s hit songs ‘Kanua Njohini,’ a song that says that the mouth really embarrasses one especially when one is drunk urging her that it is important sometimes to be quiet and listen.

Her response was agreed upon by some of her fans who sided with Edday and encouraged her to protect her space and mental health.

“Haiezi Jenga boma ilishabomolewa…why is it always the woman’s fault??” asked Rose Muhia.

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“Hii mambo ya ndoa watu wa wanatake serious sana.. Self-space is good for mental health. May she enjoy herself🥰” said Your girl Anna.

“Boma inajengwa na both bwana na Bibi. Edday was building, but the other partner was keen on kubomoa,” wrote Joyce Olela.

“Which vacation? Stay there for good Edday,” said Arem.

Saroni came to the spotlight after hosting Samidoh during his US music trips. She would then be involved in a series of altercations with Samidoh’s baby mama nominated senator Karen Nyamu online.

While she is not supportive of Karen’s involvement in Samidoh’s marriage, Saroni has in the past made a post asking where side chicks get the strength to feel special when they already know there is another woman in the picture. She readily jumps in to defend Edday from ‘bullies,’ a stand she has maintained even online.

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