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Bernice Saroni’s fresh dig at Karen Nyamu as Edday Nderitu ‘glows’ in the US

Singer Samidoh’s cousin, Bernice Saroni, is basking in the satisfaction of aiding Edday Nderitu’s relocation to the United States, along with her three children.

Edday made the move in April 2023, and her children later joined school in the US.

In a recent social media post, a follower of Bernice voiced skepticism, suggesting she misled Edday. The comment read, “Ndio maana ulitoa Edday kwake (That is the reason you removed Edday from her house).”

Undeterred, Bernice responded proudly, expressing her satisfaction in assisting her dear friend.

Captioning a video, Bernice wrote, “Yes, very proud of myself for what I did to her… am a woman, and all I did was fix her crown.”

In the video, she mentioned how her actions had affected “side chicks” and emphasized her pride in facilitating Edday’s move to the US, highlighting the challenges of relocating with children.

“Side chics yaani si hii kitu imewauma na hamtoshekangi. Actually, I am super proud of myself. Bringing her to the US? Do you think coming to the US is easy and also coming with your kids? Today being Thanksgiving one thing I am thankful to God for is for Edith being in the US. Jioni vile anaglow? Watoto wake wanaglow? If you have not seen her offlate go to her page and see how she looks good. She looks like money. She is blessed, she is happy and at peace.”

She addressed potential judgment, stating:

“You think because I am a single mum, so you are judging me nilimtoa kwa boma yake? Let me tell you wewe do you support your family or you kill them with your words? Us we spread love.”

Edday, in response, expressed deep appreciation for her incredible family, amazing friends, and the precious gifts in her life—her children.

“Your unwavering love and support have filled my heart with endless joy and happiness. I am beyond thankful for all the love and blessings! Wishing you all a happy and memorable Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving Day!!”

In July 2023 Edday Nderitu indicated that she had no intentions of reconciling with her husband, the father of their three children who sired two children with Senator Karen Nyamu

She firmly stated her unwillingness to subject her children to a polygamous family dynamic, particularly with a woman significantly older than her and lacking moral values and respect.

“I have asked God daily to give me strength to pray for you, but today, I have nothing to tell God about you. You have dragged and put me and my kids in an ocean of pain. May you remember this day.#NothingButPrayers #EddayNderitu,” read part of Edday’s previous post.

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