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Besigye recounts his ordeal behind bars

Ugandan opposition leader Kiiza Besigye has acknowledged the appreciation he receives from inmates during his continuous arrests.

Besigye has repeatedly faced arrest since the country went to the polls on February 18.

However, the 59 year old, who came second behind incumbent Yoweri Museveni in the elections, is yet to be charged with any offence.

According to results released by the country’s Electoral Commission, Besigye garnered 35 percent of the total votes cast, as compared to Museveni’s 63 percent, an outcome the former has rejected.

Besigye has since been detained either at his home or in various police stations around Kampala after his Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party rejected the results citing massive irregularities and widespread rigging.

Security authorities have barricaded his Kampala home, from where he isn’t allowed to leave. Neither are visitors – including Human Rights activists – granted access by the tens of police officers manning the compound.


Political analysts versed with Uganda politics say this could be a ploy to frustrate Besigye into failing to file a petition at the Supreme Courts until the 10 day expiry period mandate by the constitution lapses.

In his narration to the media about his recent ordeals at the hands of the Police, Besigye said:

“I am arrested roughly even when I cooperate; they grab, shove and push me into the van. They drive the van like they are possessed by demons. The other day, they were driving 140km/hr on a murram road. Inside, we were jumping in the air.

“Once in Naggalama (Police Station), inmates cheer. Inside, I remove the shoes, belt and enter the cell. There is one toilet which is shared by all inmates.

“Once, they beat me. It’s drama. Like what you see in films. When I was in Kira PS ( Police Station), I ate their food once and it was good.”