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Besigye’s car extensively damaged by police officers in barbaric assault

Ugandan police officers have been caught on camera smashing the windscreen of a car belonging to opposition leader Kiiza Besigye.

In what amounts to the latest chapter of brutality by President Yoweri Museveni’s regime, the uniformed officers are later seen spraying what is believed to be pepper spray inside Besigye’s car.

Besigye’s vehicle was extensively damaged before being towed away.

The four-time presidential candidate was eventually arrested and detained at a Kampala Police Station on charges of ‘inciting violence’.

That arrest was anything but diplomatic.

In a video trending online, a police officer is seen smashing the car’s windscreen with the butt of his gun.

Another officer is also seen spraying what appears to be pepper spray inside the vehicle.

“This is Senior Superintend of Police (SSP) Rashid Agero. He commanded his subordinates in the Field Force Unit (FFU) to smash and pepper spray Dr Kiiza Besigye’s vehicle and all its occupants. When his juniors refused to take his unlawful order, Agero went ahead to accomplish the mission himself, smashed the windscreens with a gun, pepper-sprayed, and ruthlessly pulled out and arrested the occupants of the vehicle including Besigye and his driver Kato Fred,” a statement by Besigye’s FDC party read in part.

This incident has attracted widespread condemnation on social media.