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Best kept secret: Mercy Kyallo unveils new man (Photos)

Among the three Kyallo sisters, Mercy has been the most private one when it comes to her relationships.

Unlike her sisters Betty and Gloria Kyallo who wear their hearts on their sleeves and post their significant others for all and sundry, Mercy is the undercover type of lover.

Yes, she has been posting about him, we got a whiff of him once in a while but it was in carefully curated photo poses that neither showed his face or full body…that was until they were celebrating a birthday on Sunday, August 28, 2022- possibly her boyfriend’s.

While celebrating at her picturesque Tigoni home with her family, Mercy posted photos and videos of themselves cutting a cake, kissing and hugging- everything you’d expect from a girl in love with her man.

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Check them out below:

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Mercy’s introduction of her unnamed new man comes weeks after her being outed for being, “single and lonely”, by her sister Betty.

In a June 2022 interview, Betty said Mercy’s former flame was a good Maasai man, they were good for each other and she didn’t understand why they had to break up.

Betty revealed that they would soon be hooking up Mercy with a blind date to the chagrin of Mercy who said she was enjoying her life the way it was.

She and her ex were linked back in 2020 and she worked particularly hard to keep him under wraps.

Whenever she posted on social media about them, the guy would either be strategically hidden, in hoodies or photos taken from the back.

It was alleged that her ex was a family member in one of the Maasai political elite families.

Her sisters rooted for the relationship and even expressed hopes that the two would get married.

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Currently, the Kyallo sisters are documenting their lives in their reality show, Kyallo Kulture, which revolves around the sisters’ lives.

Considering how private Mercy is about her love life, it was surprising when she revealed that she was once in a toxic relationship that made her yearn to lose weight.

“I was in a very long-term relationship but I wasn’t happy and I think I tried to lose so much but I used to be so big.

I used to run 4 times a month, like 10 kilometres. Watched what I was eating, I was on diet, salads always on these things,’ said Mercy in December 2020.

Could this toxic relationship have been with her ex? What do you think? Leave us a comment.

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