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Best matatu saccos in Nairobi as voted by you

By HILARY KIMUYU September 5th, 2015 2 min read

Last week we put up the list of the worst matatu saccos in Nairobi and many readers agreed with our selection. You, the readers, also had something to say about some of the best sacco’s in Nairobi.

Yes, it’s true that not everything about the public transport vehicles in general and matatus in particular is negative.

We’ve all heard inspiring stories of matatu touts who go out of their way to help the elderly, disabled or any other passenger to make their journey comfortable and hustle-free.

So here’s a compilation of the best PSV saccos in Nairobi, as recommended by you, in no particular order:

1. Zuri (Town-RoySambu-Mirema-Kahawa) – According to most readers, matatus from this fleet some of the best that ply the roads of Nairobi. Their matatu’s are clean the conductors are disciplined and they also display admirable work ethics.

The sacco has no reputation for causing road accidents and the conductors always make sure you get your change before alighting.

A fleet of matatu from Zuri Sacco. PHOTO | HILARY KIMUYU

2. MSL (Kasarani-Town) – You will know that it is a good sacco and loved by many commuters from the long queue of passengers waiting for the next available matatu, yet right across the road touts of matatus from a different sacco plying the same route are shouting themselves hoarse calling for passengers.

Cases of theft of property by the matatu crew are also uncommon as attested by one passenger who recounted how he recovered his phone which he had accidentally dropped in a matatu that belongs to the fleet; all thanks to the help of the matatu crew.

3. ROG (Buru Buru- Outering-Town) – River of God, as it is known. One passenger described how she never knew she could socialize with touts and drivers until she used ROG. They value their customers and make you feel important, says the commuter.

The touts are said to be polite and don’t harass passengers to get on board. Also, the music they play inside the matatus is not so loud and permits conversion with other passengers or callers on the phone.

A matatu that belongs to the ROG Sacco that ply the Buru Buru- Outering-Town route. PHOTO | HILARY KIMUYU

4. Walokana Sacco (Town-Kabete-Kitisuru-Westlands-Wangige) – Peace and more peace, is how one satisfied traveler described the sacco.

The crew will always oblige to stop the vehicle at designated stages and most of the matatus on this route don’t play music.

5. Lopha Travelers (Town-Limuru-Ruiru) – Most of the crew in these matatus are said to be highly disciplined. The sacco also regulates the fares come rain or sunshine.

Almost all their matatu’s seem to be in good conditions and hardly break down along the journey.

A customer narrated how he forgot his change in one of the matatus and got it back from the tout the following day. Unbelievable!

Lopha Travelers matatus operate between Town, Limuru and Ruiru.