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Best of friends: Ezekiel Mutua, Mulamwah end beef with Sh20,000 gift

Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) CEO Ezekiel Mutua and comedian David Oyando, alias Mulamwah, have mended their relationship after a prolonged feud.

Mulamwah and Dr Mutua have been at each other’s throats since last year when the comedian accused the latter of failing to keep his promise to appoint him an ambassador of clean content.

On Tuesday, during the Marwa Music Awards at Nairobi Cinema, Mulamwah said they had finally buried the hatchet.

“Yesterday we met with Dr @EzekielMutua, we spoke and Squared our differences. We are now best pals. Hatchet buried. Looking forward to working with MCSK in the near future as promised. Asante bro,” Mulamwah tweeted.

Mutua responded by saying, “Leo nilipata Mulamwah at the Marwa Music Awards at Nairobi Cinema tukafanya handshake… it was good meeting you bro!”

Later, the comedian revealed that he had received Sh20,000 from the MCSK boss.

Mulamwah had claimed that Dr Mutua made the promise at a time he was contemplating quitting comedy due to cyberbullying.

But Dr Mutua would state that the pledge had been withdrawn following a background check that revealed the comedian wasn’t as clean as he claimed. Mutua also clarified that the promise was personal and had nothing to do with his office.

This only escalated the back and forth, with Mulamwah insisting he expected better from Dr Mutua.

“Mutua is an opportunist, he loves to be part of a moment. When he made the promise and asked me to call him, I tried for a whole year to get him to him. He was always dodgy. When I finally found him he asked me to do a video praising him for helping me out. I did, but also included other people who were supportive of me at the time. When I sent him the video, he declined. He wanted it to be all about him,” Mulamwah ranted at the time.

But what exactly was the background check all about; the basis of Dr Mutua’s decision to withhold his offer?

“When he made the promise, people on Twitter started posting my old skits long before I was famous. We talked about it and Mutua said he wasn’t going to judge me with what I had done in the past only for him to turn around after I failed to heed his request,” Mulamwah would explain.